Sherco Clutch Basket Fitting – 1999 to 2016

Here we have one broken clutch basket that needs replacing. The basket was probably broken by holding the clutch with a screw driver rather than the correct clutch holding tool when trying to undo the centre nut.
Here you can see the rivets on the back of the basket that secure to the gear.
Centre punch the centre of each rivet.
Drill each rivet, you only need to drill the hammered over end off so use a slightly larger drill than the rivet and try not to drill too much in to the steel backing plate.
Use a punch to knock the rivets out.
You can see all the rivets have been removed, note the small chamfers left from drilling the rivets out, don’t worry to much if they are a little bigger but try not to drill all the way through the back plate. If you have or the back plate is misshapen you can buy a new clutch back plate
Remove the back plate and you should find the rubber cushions and the 4 sprung loaded ball bearings, these ball bearings tend to wear a flat spot over time which reduces the tension on the springs so we always turn the ball around so it is on a new patch.
Clean the gear up and put new rubbers on to the new basket, new clutch basket rubbers help remove the play that develops between the gear and the basket helping to keep the engine quieter.
Push the new rivets through the basket and install the back plate, make sure the 4 holes are aligned.
We place the assembly on a old ducati flywheel as it holds the rivets in place in the basket, then we hold the back plate down tight against the basket and hammer the rivets over. Be very careful not to hit the gear or the back plate.
The finished job, double check the 4 holes line up in the back plate, the gear and the basket, it you get this wrong do not risk running it like that as there is a possibility one or all of the 4 ball bearings may fall out and cause major damage to the gears.
Just make sure rivet heads don’t stand to proud, if they do either carry on hammering them or file them down slightly, there is a bit of clearance but always double check the rivet don’t catch the kick start idle gear once the clutch is reinstalled.
Clean the basket assembly up and reinstall on the bike. Check those 4 holes again!







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