Öhlins ILX30 Trials Rear Shock

The ILX30 is all new for 2012 and based on the TTX30-products. It’s suitable for a large number of applications, first of all trial bikes but also twin-shock motorcycles and cross carts as well as snow mobiles.
The shock absorber is available with a cylinder head permitting locking the top eye at any angle.
The new ILX30 is based on the Öhlins patented TTX-technology. Both compression and rebound are separately adjustable.
The ILX30 comes default with manual damping adjustment with Allen screws, has a fixed length end eye and threaded adjustment rings for spring preload.
Optionals include seal head with ice scraper and nitrile bump rubber.


  • TTX-technology
  • Extruded aluminum tube combines inner- and outer tube
  • Anodized aluminum components
  • 30 mm main piston
  • 12 mm piston shaft
  • Damping adjustment available, with screwdriver or manually
  • 20 click positions
  • Possible to equip with various different valve versions






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