Fitting a Spring to an Olle Shock

Undo the Spring collars
Wind the spring collars right off, pull the spring down and the top collar. The top collar is sometimes a little tight so might need a tap with a rubber mallet, lightly tap it on one side then the other so it comes off straight.
Remove the spring wire clip
Slide off the top collar, again this might be tight but if you wipe off the dirt it should come off using your fingers.
Remove the spring
Check the shaft and bump stop for damage, move the bump stop down to check the shaft underneath it, clean any dirt or grit from this area.

If your shock has got a damaged shaft or bump stop, it is probably worth having the shock rebuilt.

Fit new spring, the springs are available in 4 different stiffnesses to suit individual rider weight,

see here for the Olle springs.

Replace the top collar and the wire clip, ensure that the clip fits down into the groove all the way around.
Pull the top collar up over the wire clip.
Wind the spring collar up to the spring.
Measure the free length of the spring, make sure the collar is only just touching.
Wind the spring collar up to achieve the correct preload, in this case 5mm.
Finally retighten the spring collars and refit the shock to your bike. It is advisable to check your sag especially if you have changed the spring stiffness







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