A Closer Look At The 2014 Sherco

We’ve had the new 2014 Sherco for a few weeks now, so I thought we best share some of the changes we’ve spotted for this year bike.

The main change for 2014 has got to be the new Exhaust system, many people will be please to see the rear silencer is re-packable.

The front pipe is also quite a bit different with quite a large cone section where the pipe tapers from small to large, these tapered front pipe are used on two stroke engines to create stronger pressure waves from the exhaust which help to boost the power of the engine at certain engine speeds.

The front pipe is also a lot shorter now as it now goes straight down and then turns back up.

Sherco added this new arrangement for the fuelling system, it’s quite simple just a extra T piece in the fuel pipe between the pump and the Carburettor, from this T piece runs another fuel pipe back up and in to the top of the tank. What this does is it allows the pump to run at it’s full flow all the time and pump any excess fuel back in to the tank, this way the carburettor gets a constant pressure of fuel wether the tank is full or nearly empty. The new system is most noticeable when riding down very long steep hills as it stops the bike running rich. Some 2013 models already have this system fitted as it was introduced midway through the year.

A small aluminium bush has been added to the fuel inlet on the carburettor, this reduces the diameter of the fuel inlet.

A closer view of the restrictor.

Sherco have also added this small cut in the breather pipe on the carburettor, I’ve seen similar holes added to other bikes, I believe it is done to prevent the fuel getting into the breather and causing a slight vacuum as it seals the pipe and it’s own weight pulls it down the pipe creating a reduction in pressure in the carb which affects the mixture.

The new Vacuum pipe for the fuel pump no longer connects to the inlet manifold which is good as it removes the some of the risk of it causing a air leak in the manifold.

The vacuum pipe connector direct to the crankcases, this should give a stronger pressure pulse to the pump which will work great with the new fuel bypass system back into the tank.

You can just see the hexagon of the nipple that screws into the cases.

A closer look at the re-packable exhaust.

There are 3 screws, one on the top and 2 on the back side holding the plastic end cap in place.

The exhaust internals, it pretty much the same as the other manufactures, a baffle tube wrapped in a fine steel wire mesh, stuffed with ordinary silencer packing wool, the baffle is held in place with a rubber to stop vibration and finally the plastic end cap.

A look inside the silencer, the walls are nice and straight making it easy to poke the packing in.

Another view.

The front section of the silencer is similar to last years, a steel baffle wrapped in a wire wool but it’s quite a bit larger in diameter, if you look closely you can just see the cone shape baffle which will help keep the pressure waves from the exhaust strong boosting the power at certain engine speeds.

A very minor change is to the bush the rear brake pedal pivots on, it’s now made from a hard anodised aluminium and the nut is machined into it so it’s all one piece now, this should save a few gram’s






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